Finally Light.
Compas, a leading company and global reference point in the development and production of high quality aluminium railings, introduces a unique system of its kind today, fully certi­ed in accordance with European standards. The objective achieved by Compas with the Light range is to provide a versatile, lightweight, safe and at the same time economic product..
This result was achieved thanks to the 50 plus years of experience that Compas has, as well as the more than 40’000 km of railing they have made..
The light range is produced using new concept extruded aluminium alloy that allows for a 25% reduction in weight compared with a normal system (e.g. GR14 System) and higher performance resistance, despite the simple processing achieved with normal cuts and tapping. .
The result is a cutting-edge system with an attractive line and a price that is de­nitely lower than products of the same level.





Examples of implementation