The purpose of this new system is to meet both construction rules and the strictest controls concerning railings, at a European level, providing a new system, which is able to meet all these requirements. SERIE UNICA is based on aluminium profiles designed by Compas, which considerably ameliorate the railing’s performance if compared to the traditional system. Together with this new system of profiles comes a complete range of accessories allowing to discover a huge series of solutions with a final attracting result, both form the esthetical point of view and for the performances. The new system SERIE UNICA has been certified according to the strictest rules for every construction solution. The main technical innovation of the system is the resistance of 2kn per linear meter with no need of handrail anchorage, as shown by the strictest regulations in force. The system SERIE UNICA is a patented system, just as the profiles and accessories it is made of. The elegance of the possible compositions, the ease of assembly due to the huge variety of accessories and its extraordinary technical performances make of the SERIE UNICA railings by Compas an innovative system.




Examples of implementation